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Tres poemas cortos | Leonard Cohen


How sweet time feels when it’s too late

and you don’t have to follow her swinging hips

all the way into your dying imagination


You should go from place to place recovering the poems that have been written for you, to which you can affix your signature. Don't discuss these matters with anyone. Retrieve. Retrieve. When the basket is full someone will appear to whom you can present it.

She will spread her wide skirt

and sit down

on a black stone

and your basket will bounce

like a speck in sunlight

on the immense landscape

of her lap.


I often think about you

when I'm lying alone in

my room with my mouth

open and the remote

lost somewhere in the bed


Extraído de Book of Longing, Penguin Books, 2006 | Paper Bag Poetry Review 2023.


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