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Short poems | Sophia Jamali Soufi

Foto: @BidiBomFoto


Like the landing of yellow leaves

Sadness sits in my eyes

Pain explores my being

And the wounds get hot

I am full of escape

Full of longing that takes root in me

I take the suitcase

I give my heart to the rounds

The anger of the sky bursts on my face

My eyes tremble

I repeat in my mind

Someone will find me from the trail of tears...


Shadows wander through the house


Standing in the mirror

he asks me how I am

tell me

Of what love? how do I talk

Now that the wounds are growing on me

And the memories send me off with a cold kiss...

(Last Survivor)

the roses withered

the roofs collapsed

The alleys came to a dead end

The butterflies sank into the cocoon of death.

it's not heavenly anymore

it's not solar

no smile

bring a candle

close your eyes

come with me to the cemeteries

I am the last survivor...


Will light shine from the dark corners?

Shadows bend on their knees

they cry

Loneliness is like a leech

He sucks the place of the last hug from my body

I know

One day all the pits will be filled with our broken faces...


The waves lie

The clouds lie

Crickets lie

I know

you will come

Even if the weather is stormy

Even if the waves wash away the traces of the last memory

I know

you will come

I am lost

Like branches that have lost spring

I seek refuge in the horizon and the seas...


My fingers are drawn on the edge of the razor

In unanswered screams

do you see

Loneliness dances between the walls

do you see

I have fallen into a corner

I can't hug anyone because of my wounds

It is dark here



And no one understands my dead look behind the syllable of silence...


No memory is easily buried

you will remember me

In the harsh winter

When death kisses your forehead...


I have cried so much that I have forgotten my eyes

My smile is like a snake bite




The words die without coming out of the throat

I sigh

And I hug myself like that

that there is no escape but to split the mirror and dreams...


Your absence chains the memories to my being

time flies

without passing

love passes

And sadness remains eternal

It hurts the heart

And it slowly digs into my existence

time flies

without passing

love passes

And sadness remains eternal...


I don't see anything else

the images of dreams

Under the blows of life

my head is bloody

But it doesn't bend

Every time

my falls are more

my wounds are deeper

Every time

I will come back stronger...

(the spell)

There is no smile on my face

No light shines on my eyes

Alone in the corner of the night

I sing my sad silence


O cursed autumn

Nobody remembers me...


Sophia Jamali Soufi. I was born in Rasht, Iran. I am a student of architecture. Since childhood, I was very interested in writing poetry and reading books. My first book titled "Sophia's memoirs" was published last year. My poems have been translated into English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Turkish, German and published in many literary magazines and websites.


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